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Service Opportunities

 Food Pantry Items May 2020-items can be dropped off at the Agape Center Location

May 3          mac and cheese

May 10         applesauce

May 17         pancake mix and syrup

May 24         cereals

May 31         toilet paper


Mission Moments




I bring you greetings from Kim Brown, missionary to Thailand.  She has visited our church many times.  Kim has Parkinson Disease and has slowed down but still works many hours.  She has downsized and moved closer to the Day Care (House of Blessing), House of Love (home for girls and mothers, and the Center for Development of Persons with Disabilities.  Kim has trained others to help with all these projects.  She is especially thankful to the Baptist women in West Virginia who took on a program to furnish rice for Thailand families.  Before the children had to beg and sell things in the night market to get rice. Then the children were too sleepy to learn at school the next morning.  

            I know all of you miss the fellowship of being in church and I’ m sure you miss my announcements!  Ha.   Having the sermons on line has a blessing for us, too.  Mine are delayed until Tuesday because I am only on You Tube.  However, I have been joining my sister’s church on Sunday mornings.  It is Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky.  They have used pre-recordings of their 35 member choir which I have enjoyed.  I even participated in communion with them on Palm Sunday via internet.  We are fortunate to have communication through television, telephone, computers, Facebook, tablets, etc.

 I find plenty to do at home.  I love reading.  I have an on-going crochet project.  Many people are making masks.  I am making pillows from a tattered quilt that Ken’s Mom had made. I will give them to Ken’s family.  I am using “Snail Mail” to send cards to family and friends to keep in touch.  As you may have noticed, I have not mentioned cleaning and cooking!  My siblings talk about cleaning closets, etc., but that does not sound like fun right now.  I am out of practice, but I cook enough to get by.  So all of you out there, don’t get bored.  Pick your interests and you will find plenty to do even as you stay home.   

 I will report to you when we can resume planning for the Mother-Daughter Brunch.  In the meantime our faith will see us through.                                      Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.

Polly McCormick

President of ABWM



Prayer Chain:
Our church prayer chain is a ministry of our church where people on the list pray for people going through a crisis. To start the prayer chain please call the church office at 937-492-4909 or contact Ellen Gates at 937-658-0464