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Scripture: Matthew 5:15-20                                                    March 19, 2023

Sermon: The Fatal Attraction of False Prophets                        Larry Broughton




[Larry is pursuing his Master’s Degree through Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California with a desire for pastoral ministry.  Larry and his wife, Sarah, have six children and have been attending First Baptist Church for the past few years.]



Proposition: Matthew 7:15–20; Jesus gives us 3 warnings concerning false prophets:





3 Distinct Warnings Concerning False Prophets


  1. Masters of Disguise
  2. Show their true nature by their disobedience to Christ.
  3. False prophets and those who follow them will be punished.






As the sermon draws closer to its conclusion, we are presented with a stern warning against hypocrites and hypocrisy (although neither of these words are used). Some people pretend to be and appear to be something they really are not. These false prophets, as they are here called, can undermine the true flock if they are followed. The ultimate test of truth is in what these people do, not what they say. For what they do inescapably betrays their character and points to the judgement that awaits them. This passage thus points very vividly to the absolute importance of true righteousness – indeed its inevitability for the followers of Jesus and its impossibility for those who propose another way. The ultimate test of the truth is in deeds, not claims or pretensions. The Church must be ever vigilant against appearances and empty words and press the criterion of good works in discerning the true from the false.